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Spine-tingling Sherlock Case

The dragon turn by Shane Peacock will captivate readers, even if they have not read the first four cases in the award winnning The Boy Sherlock Holmes series. Actually, Sherlock is an astute teen, not boy, in these books and in addition to solving crimes Scotland Yard cannot, he is dealing with male teen coming-of-age issues. Malicious magicians, affairs d'amour gone awry, a missing body, terrifying creatures, and hidden identities keep Sherlock and readers searching for clues that will illuminate what is really going on behind the scenes of The Egyptian Hall. Adding to Sherlock's agony, is his conviction that a female's guiles has spurred him to win the freedom of a wizard who really is the murderer.

teacher's pets


I read DIRK BONES and the Mystery of the Haunted House before I went to bed. It's kind of scrary when a furry paw grabbed Dirk's hand at the graveyard. Finally, he solves mysteries. No ghostly noises.

Read a Nancy Drew book

Nancy Drew is a young detective who solves mysteries.

i read judy moody girl detective

read Ruby Redfort Look Into My Eyes By:Lauren Child

A thirteen-year old genius named Ruby Redfort and her butlar, Hitch work for an undercover angency that crack codes and busts crimes.

read Gilda Joyce Psychic Investigator By: Jennifer Allison

A book about a psychic investigator named Gilda Joyce and how she stops her mom from marrying a very creepy and suspicous man named Eugene Pook. Gilda has a feeling that her future father could have killed his former wife, Charllote Furbo and she is sure when he locks her and her brother in a secret well underneth his house

searched among the lackluster, dry plants in my garden

And found the first gladiolus of the season.

read The Witch's Grave

This leaves me just one more book in the series.

Check out the mystery wrapped package at the library and watched the video and read the book inside

The books were about penquins and I really enjoyed the movie.

magic school bus

Read The Brothers of Baker Street

The brothers of Baker Street by Michael Robertson — Continuing my Sherlock Holmes run, this is a modern mystery story. It centers on an English barrister who lives at 221B Baker Street, and who must answer Holmes' fan mail as per his lease. Very twisty, but fairly easy to see where the twists are going. Decent.

Sleuth It! Ophelia and Abby mysteries

Hi! I'm Anne from the Sleuth It! team. Are you looking for a mystery series with a little something special? The Ophelia and Abby mysteries have it: not only is Ophelia the town's resident librarian, she's also the youngest in a line of women with special powers. She uses her psychic abilities to solve mysteries with a little help from her grandmother, Abby, who also has hidden talents. I've been reading these mysteries all summer!

I read Zora and Me by Victoria Bond and T. R. Simon

i went to the ann arbor musem

and i saw baby powsoms there anad i went to the ann arbor garden. ana ann arbor

I read CamJansen: Tennis trophy mystery!

discovered that my car reached 10,000 miles

It must've turned over to 10,000 when I arrived at home last night, but I didn't notice until this morning.

Read I Spy