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Sleuth It

I read Nancy Drew and clue crew

She is a very good detective

I read Nancy Drew and clue crew

She is a very good detective

Read The Dragon Turn by Shane Peacock

This is a great mystery and part of the series The Boy Sherlock Holmes...although it should be called The Teen Sherlock Holmes since he is dealing with typical teen issues in addition to being a super sleuth in the making. Great historical setting too.

Cheka/NVKD/KGB Buildings in Kiev

Out of curiosity, I decided to find out where the major Soviet political police buildings near the center of Kiev were located, and then went on a walk specifically to find those I found out about (inspired by the name of a street near where I was living).



Read "Every last secret" by Linda Rodriquez

Read "50% off murder" by Josie Belle

Read "Grace among thieves" by Julie Hyzy

Detective LaRue

Detective LaRue: letters from the investigation by Mark Teague — I took a suggestion from one of the reading lists on the CYS website and picked up this mystery.  I can completely identify with the misunderstood hero of this story.  Until I had my blog no one took me seriously either!


a tresure hunt

read a Mysterious book

STAGE FRIGHT by Erica David.

I read mystery books

Answered the Movie Mystery

Disney's Fairies

Mysterious Messages. I love to read this book with a Fairy Letter, Pop-ups, and Surprises!

Watched thriller movie

I did a C.S.I camp at Schoolcrafty college

The camp lasted one week and in that week we had to be phorensic investigators. So on the first day we learned what it was like to be aphorensic investigator and what you have to do. On the second day we wwent to a fictious crime scene where we collected evidence and did the whole protocol as a phorensic scientist. On the third & fourth day we started testing the evidence that we collected. The variest tests included an SEM machine, also we did cryptography, encryption,blood typing and many other tests. These tests then helped us determine who was the suspect and then the murderer. On the last day we then shared what we found throughout the week and shared to the other groups and the judges. After the presentations we then were awarded prizes. This camp was alot of fun and I can't wait to do it next year.


nicky, Colette, pamela, thea, paulina, and violet went on a mission to find the dragon's code. They finally found it. It was really hard to find it, because it was gold.

The Puzzler's Mansion

The puzzler's mansion by Eric Berlin ; [ink drawings by Katrina Damkoehler] — The third book in the Winston Breen mystery series is as good as the first two.  Again, there are fun puzzles to solve through out. Test your puzzling skills and see if you can give Winston a run for his money.

I read the book Nate the great and the Mushy Valentine

Is about Nate solving mysteries about valentine . That Nate saw something red shape as a heart . It say I love you sludge more than fudge .

We tried to find the petosky stone on the Lake Michigan shoreline.