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Make Tracks

read a book

I read a book--Sharks. They are amazing fish.

I pet my friend's dog!!!

commpleted dog outline

read because of winndixie

I read a book on Ragdoll cats.

read a guide on animal tracks

Saved a dog that was wrapped around a tree

Helped a nice dog that had wrapped its leash around  tree so tight he couldn't move. 

Gave my pet birds a bath

groomed pets

read all abt spiders

read a book

I read Penny and Pepper by Jeanne Betancourt.

Played With My friends dog

title says it all

Shared my pic of Riley red dog!

Labradors LOVE the water, and Riley is no exception! She is four years old, though this photo was taken last summer when she was three. Other than eating and napping, her favorite pastime is fetching and retrieving tennis balls and any other thrown object. She's an excellent Frisbee catcher, and once she jumped nearly 20 feet from a pool dock in an Ultimate Air Dogs competition at Canton's Heritage Park. She also lives for chasing rabbits and birds and catching moles in our back yard.

read a parakeet book

this is a book for pet owners

Read animal planets cocatiel book

very informative for pet owners

read A Dog's Life

read Marley and Me

Quite different from the movie but also very interesting!

Watched Marley and Me

Very touching movie the ending was very tragic.

Watched my friend's dog while she was on vacation

I can't have my own dog in my apartment *Cries* but I can at least play with my friends dog Zilla! She's a cutie little pomeranian and definitely a handfull! She's a little princess and always gets her way!

i got a pet fish

his name is rusty the fiddy.