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Make Tracks

watched Dumb Witness (Poirot movie)

Met my friends new puppy "Rags"

Rags is a 7 week old Blue Heeler.   So adorable!

Took care of an injured baby bunny

read book


I like sports stars! Read about Drew Brees. He is the quarterback for the New Orleans Saints.

Went to the Detroit Zoo for the first time!

Read a book about sharks

Went to Philadelphia Gardens

Visited the "Longwood Gardens" in Philadelphia. beautiful.

Saw a bird that had black and red feathers

When my family was driving to Waldenwoods I saw a nice colerful bird it had black and red feathers, it was really cool!

Non-fiction book

My brother read a ANIMALS OF THE WORLD book to me.

watched the movie war horse

I made tracks in the mud yesterday!!!

While I was at the Water Park, I found a little puddle full of mud. So I stomped around in it. They didn't last very long though. Anyway, the mud was really warm because I was running around in the chilly water! :)

Michigan Pet Finders Community

Michigan Pet Finders Community is a great local resource that has links for posting about a lost pet, a found pet, tips for keeping pets safe in this extreme heat, and other great links. Be sure to check this site out and don't forget to give you pets plenty of water and keep them cool this summer!

Read Biscuit Finds a friend to my big brother

animal fiction book

I read a Animal fiction book to my sister.

Read Kitten in the Cold

This book is about a little kitten named Amber, due to the color of her eyes, gets onto the roof by unsuspected, brother to the little girl who needs the heart surgury. This kitten ends up in grandma and granpa Davison's yard

I read Smart Dog

I recommend this book it ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read Noisy Nora, played with our neighbor's cat Sunny, and went to the Toledo Zoo!

Made footprints in the mud