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Make Tracks

Read a book about sea snakes

Sea snakes live in the sea. They look like snakes but they live under water. They can crawl on land like snakes.

I saw wild bison at the entrance of a national parks

It was a whole herd. the cutest ones were the newborns. We took pictures. It was FUN!!!:)

I was Go-Green

We dried our clothes in our backyard. It was so sunny(and still will be):) that the sun dried our clothes. It was energy saving and it was ALL MY idea.

Saw bunnies jumping around

non-fiction book

Who feels scared? by Sue Graves. This book shows us that we can find ways to cope with our fears and be brave.

non-fiction book

But why can't I? by Sue Graves. This is book tells us why we have rules and how rules can make everyone's lives easier and safer.

go green

I used some recycle bottle and made some artwork. It's fun.

find tracks in the library

I went to library and searched tracks around the non-fiction area. Only see the books.

finds tracks of an animal

Sent in a picture to the Library

I sent a cute picture of my cat for the library to display on the screen! Yay!

Did the Make Tracks activity at the library

Did the Make Tracks activity at the library

Watching for butterflies

I love watching the butterflies come out of their chrysalises!  Have you seen them yet?  They are back in the tween scene.  We've had caterpillars too!  They are very hungry. 

Went looking for deer

Went on a hike

went fishing

At the CPL I did a sheet to find animals tracks.

read a fable book

The boy who cried wolf. I like this story. I also read this one in a different language.

read a fable book

The hare and the Tortoise.

I read a book about fish.