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Make Tracks

Watched a few episodes of Last Chance to See

Last chance to see [videodisc]: animals on the verge of extinction by West Park Pictures Production ; BBC Wales — Really, endangered animals like the Northern White Rhino, the Aye-Aye, and the Manatees are interesting, but Stephen Fry is what makes this so much fun. Twenty years ago, Douglas Adams took a trip with Mark Carwardine to visit a handful of the most endangered species. In these 6 episodes, Fry recreates that voyage

Hot Summer, Cool Kids

There are lots of fun ways to keep cool this summer and earn your Connect Your Summer Badges too. Read a book about an animal under a shady tree and earn your Make Tracks Badge. Or make a cool treat, and earn your Chow Down Badge. Go see a movie in a chilly theatre and earn your Curtains Up Badge. You can even go swimming in a lake or pool for your Go Wild badge, and read a favorite book on a raft.

Read All in One Hour

A book about the crazy things animals will do.

Found a fish jaw bone and skeleton

Went to the park with my friend's dog

Me,my 2 friends,and my friend's dog went to the park and played with the dog.

walked my dog

i went to a park

i rented a book from the library about animal tracks and went to a park to look for them and i found about 13 different tracks

Quality dog time

Spent quality time with my dog--walking, playing, swimming. No running or fetching, because she's older now.

Discovered a bone and researched (it was from a racoon)

Activity - Found all the tracks in the library

Walked around the Plymouth Art Fair

Made sure to go down every street so I wouldn't miss anything. It was very hot, but I enjoyed perusing  all the arts and crafts.

Found animal track in library

I hunted animal in the library

I did it with my brother and my mom

i searched for footprints around the library.

non fiction book

I'm good at helping. Yes, that's me. I like to help my mom all the time.

non fiction book

I read a non fiction book that talk about 10 ways I can help my family. I can do all of them. My mom be so proud of me.

find the tracks

I went to the library and found some tracks today.

Read "Monstrous Book of Monsters"

Watched my son collect and locate the Tracks at the library

I found animal track prints at the library.