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Make Tracks

watched our puppy be ridiculous

Our puppy likes to perch on the chair by the front window so she can see everything outside. Last night, however, she chose a really silly position and stayed like that for the better part of an hour.

Read another book about tiger sharks

I met my bestfriend Pokpok.

Last week when we were in California, I met the dog named Pokpok. He is cuddly and loving. He wants to be with me all the time, however I have to leave him since we are coming back here in Michigan.

Went on a 30 minute horse ride at camp

Read Great White

Read Great White Shark: King of the Ocean

Read The Dog

Read Dog Heroes

find the animal tracks at liabrary

today,i found animal tracks at liabrary.I also,earn about animal foot print.however i do not know i was wright or wrong for my answers.

Enjoyed spending some time with my dog

We went camping

Unusual Pets

Pot-bellied pigs: a complete and up-to-date guide by Dennis Kelsey-Wood

The chinchilla handbook: filled with full-color photographs by Sharon L. Vanderlip; illustrations by Michele Earle-Bridges

Cockatiels: everything about purchase, care, behavior, and health by Thomas Haupt and Julie Rach Mancini; illustrations by György Jankovics; [translated from the German by Rita Kimber]

Read a book about penguins!

Read "Call of the Wild" and "Escape from Earth"

read a book

The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig. I like to read this book. It has a happy ending. They all lived happily together ever after.


trouble in the train

riding the range

I dog sitted my friends 2 labs for 2 weeks!

Played with Simba

Simba is my BIL's golden retriever, she would fetch and return a tennis ball all day long if she could find anyone willing to toss it to her.