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Make Tracks

Sent in a picture of my dog Zigfried

meet a 3--foot wingspan

I went to the library and learned the truth about bats.

Emailed a picture to the canton library of my precious babies.

took my dog for a walk

Saw Madagasgar 3

go to a petting zoo

Looked up some dogs that i thought were very cool


Read: Lady and the Tramp

I went fishing with my two dogs

As I catch fish I put the fish on the floor of our boat and my dogs love acting like the fish is their plush toy.

I looked up long haired chiwawa

They are really cute.

Read books to their stuffed animals.

I did a trick with my dog.

I made him follow me in a line at my house and then when I was back where I started I threw the treat up in the air so my dog would try to catch it.

Read to my Dog

Read a book with my cat Beatrix sitting on my lap

I am read the Warrior series

I submitted a picture of my dog Barney

Visited the animals at the Liberty Fest.

Read Give a Moose a Muffin to my sister

Submitted pictures of my cats to "Show off your pets" activity

Skimmed Canine sports & games : great ways to get your dog fit and have fun together! for ideas and played catch with our puppy, Coraline.

I'm hoping to have the opportunity to try the more official dog sports mentioned in this book, like agility and dock diving, in the future. We tried lure coursing last fall and Coraline loved it. She's pretty quick to catch on to most things and likes the challenge of following the rules of organized activities. At an informational meeting about the Canton Dog Park earlier this month, we learned that in the future they might offer agility days when dog park members could try out various activities. I hope they do!