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Make Tracks

I read Barnyard Tracks

read brown bear to my sister.

she corected me when i said mother insted of teacher

Read Varjak Paw


I read a national wildlife magizen to find more go to

Went for a run with my dog

Took my dog running in the park behind the library yesterday

Read and played

I read three books about dogs and played with my neighbor's dog.

I read "Whose Tracks Are These."

It was a really good book. I enjoyed guessing what animal tracks they were.

Read to Bella the Dog

Read Touch and Feel Puppy from our library at home. The library doesn't have this one, but it has

Jungle animals by [photography, Geoff Dann ... [et al.]]

Animal colors

Read "War Horse"

What a sad/happy story.  Now need to see the movie.

I saw a rabbit

I saw a rabbit

colored a dog picture

Colored a dog

identified a Kildeer outside the library and learned more about it online

I saw this bird as I pulled up to work this morning, and then learned more about it online.

looked up local adoption centers

looking to adopt a kitten

read about adopting a new cat

taught my birds a new trick

read with my birds

read the deathly hallows

I did the activity "Decorate a Dog."