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Make Tracks

I read a book about bunnys

I read a book about dinosaurs making tracks

I decorated a dog

I got this kit in a goodie bag. I used stickers and markers.

read a book on falcons

read book on biology

I read a rabbit book

It was from a rabbit's point of view. That's what made it interesting.

I read Magic Treehouse Research Guide # 1: Dinosaurs

This book is about the first paleontologists, and how they discovered fossils and dinosaur tracks. It also talks about dinosaurs making tracks.

I read "Cat Daddy"

Cat Daddy: What the World's Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me About Life, Love, and Coming Clean by Jackson Galaxy    As a dog person, I didn't expect to enjoy this book very much, but I did! I learned a lot about cat (and human) behavior and feel like I understand them much better. The author's personal background is enlightening as well, proving that animals help us just as much as we help them. Equal parts self-help and cat training manual, Cat Daddy was a fun, easy read!

I read Barbie is a pet vet

I read a book about spiders

I read Sam goes to school, about a dog

I read Making tracks, Woodland and forest animals

Went to the Detroit Zoo with Friends

The Polar Bear exhibit was my favorite!  We were in a glass Tunnel with this big bear right above us!!

i read a book about animals

I read barnyard tracks .

read a book

I read a book about a Goldfish.

read a book

Mouse, Mole, and the Falling Star. I like this book. It tell us about ture friendship.

Went to the Toledo Zoo

Got to pet a guinea pig and see many animals up close

told my sister a bear story