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Make Tracks

read a book

Little Polar Bear by Hans de Beer. Polar bear are my favorite.


I read GOOD NIGHT, COPYCUB by Richard Edwards. He's sweet!

read a book

I read Duck and Goose by Tad Hills.

read a book

The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog! I like to read Mo Willems's books. I read them many times.

read a book

I read a book--Bear Wants More by Karma Wilson.

Created Blue Dog for Decorate Activity

I visited a aquarium and learned about sharks


Went to Calder's dairy and milked a cow and fed a bottle to a calf.

I read alot of garfield the cat comics

made dog tracks at beach

picked up horseshoe crabs

visit an aquarium and learned about sea life

visit a aquarium and saw many aquatic life

saw a rabbit

i made tracks at the beach

i also saw some other tracks to!

plant a tree

I plant a small tree in my frontyard.

Read "Until Tuesday"

A book about how one special service dog can help so much in the life of a disabled Iraqi war veteran. Very well written and very compelling.

i read a book about ice age animals

this book had a bunch of footprints of different animals that lived in the ice age, like mammoths, mastodons, saber tooth tigers, and more!