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Make Tracks


The Clever DOLPHIN by Cari Meister


SHARKS! by Sindy Mckay


The Stranded ORCA by Cari Meister


The Little Red Hen


The Three Billy Goats Gruff Meet the Bogg Brothers


The Gingerbread Bear

I Read Alot of The "Warriors" Series.

Warriors is a fictional series about 5 clans made of cats who fight,hunt,and do everything for their own clan. 1 of these clans is called Starclan, a clan in the stars and the other 4 clans ancestors. Watch the journeys of Rusty, A kittypet who is interested in this type of life, join Thunderclan and find his way closer and closer to the top (Of being leader there is apprentice,warrior,deputy then leader). But it's not that easy, because there is also a cat who also wants that leader role, and might do anything (even kill) to get to the top...

identified tracks of animals in the library

There are animal tracks all around the library hidden. we found all the tracks

My neighbor got home a little lamb from her summer-camp at the farm.

She let me feed it too.

I walked and played with my neighbor's dog Deno!

He is really cute.

read " A guest is a guest" by John Himmelman

read " The New Puppy" by Lynn Maslen Kertell

Walked my Sweet little doggie

She is very sad because last year she lost her mom and her uncle....they were 15 1/2 years old. She is 12. We really miss our other poodles when we are walking though. Kids in the neighborhood always called them The Triplets....or Poodle Puppies. They miss them also.

i found tracks

they belonged to the GREAT BUSTARD

I went to the zoo with my friends

We had lots of fun

I just got a new snake

I played with my snake

I went to the park with my cat

I went to an aquiairum

I went to a mermaid show