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Love It

I read Beacon Street Girls Sweet Thirteen by Annie Bryant

I read one of my favorite book Abby Carnelia's one and only Power

It was about when Abby discovered her secret power. She went to Magic right away to learn more about her useless power. She was send to a special camp. Not a camp, but a 5 star hotel/lab where they experimented with her. She met a friend named... Read the book to find out!!!:)

Played softball

I read Son of Angels Book 1: Spirit Fighter by Jerel Law

In Spirit Fighter, Jonah and his sister Eliza discover that they are one quarter angel and when their Mom who is one half angel is kidnapped, they go on an adventure to save her. They discover their powers along the way.

read book

A NEW BARKER IN THE HOUSE. I learned new words from this book.

I went folk dancing with my dad at the Canton PL

I enjoy dancing. I know many types of dancing, but this is new to me. I loved the instructors and the dance was very fun!:)

Went for a ride on the jet ski with my son - Yippee!

Voted for the 2012 MLA Thumbs Up! Award

I voted for Beauty Queens, very entertaining!

New Friend

I made a new friend today.  She read me a book. 

I read frog and toad all year

Voted for my favorite book of 2012

supported local business and my love of robots

Got a neat new robot necklace from a local business.

Read VC Andrews books!

attended library program

Who do you love? I made a photo frame.

read time warp trio see you later,gladiator

Butterfly Wings and Musical Things

This unique program combines interactive storytelling, beautiful music, full audience participation and hands-on fun with musical instruments. From 2:00-3:00 PM on Friday, July 13, The Storytellers present music and instruments from the Caribbean, West Africa, North America, Brazil, Australia and other countries. Children will be invited to play various instruments at this memorable storytelling concert.

[BW music by buttons.butterflies is licensed under CC BY SA 2.0]

Read, read and read

I love to read, so far, since the last day of school till today, I have read more than 100 books!

read a book

To the Beach. It's my favorite place, too.

Damsel in Distress by P.G. Wodehouse

I thoroughly enjoyed this hilarious tale of mistaken identity, thwarted romances and upstairs/downstairs interactions that takes place in the early 19th century. If you like Wodehouse's  Wooster and Jeeves or Blandings Castle novels, you will enjoy this stand alone story. If you are enjoying Downton Abbey, this would be a lighthearted take on the same period.
  I read it on my Kindle, but the library has an audio version that you can check out, which is very well read by Jonathan Cecil.  It was later made into a movie starring Fred Astaire. 

I read my favorite freddie fernortner series.