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Love It

Really loving the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series

The Nicholas Flamel series is great. I've just started reading book #3,

The sorceress by Michael Scott

and I can't put it down.

Went to see Lighthouses and Range Lights in the Upper Peninsula

Led an outdoor storytime

I shared stories and songs with a wonderful group of kids and their grown-ups at our Family Storytime Picnic. Everyone ate their lunches underneath the tents while I read; we had a great time!

I read Barbie story collection's book to my mom.

I love this book. I read it many times.

Re-Visited a Favorite Film

Juno [videodisc] by Fox Searchlight Pictures ; Mandate Pictures ; Mr. Mudd

Love this book

If you want to learn why I have a boot on my head, you'll have to read one of my new favorite books:

Squid and Octopus: friends for always by Tao Nyeu

Read a Hubble Telescope book...I love astronomy!

Tried mini Bungee Jumping for 1st time! LOVED IT!

Finished reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

This was the 2nd time I've read it and it was still great! Enjoyed all the details since we vacationed in Savannah last week.

I went to the make your own icecream program

I did the "Teens Vote For Your Favorite Book" activity!!!

I voted for Twilight (ofcourse) although I love the whole series. I can't remember what all of the books are about because I read them a long time ago. Books rock! :)

I drew a picture earlier in July!!!

I drew a picture earlier in July. I love art but I think i'm really good at drawing girls, specifically teenage girls. It might sound wierd but I think it's exciting to draw their hair and makeup and clothes. I'm not sure if I should enter it in the Manga Drawing Contest 2012 thingy or not. Yeah, thats how good the drawing is. At first I was going to draw myself but it turned out totally different. Anyway, the drawing took hours but the hours were well spent. I don't like to rush when I draw...I erase things a lot and i'm very picky. I didn't color my drawing because it looks more realistic and cool just the way it is. I hope that I get the opportunity to learn more art techniques and I hope that I become a more skillful artist in the future... :)

I requested some books a few weeks ago!!!

I requested three books a few weeks ago and the library bought two of them. I requested "Never Bite a Boy on the First Date" because I saw it at Borders when it was closing down last september and it looked very interesting (I didn't want to buy it though). I requested "Spring Fling" because I read two other books in the series and my eyes were glued to the pages. I love romance books! Thanks Canton Public Library! :)

I made a yummy ice cream in the library.

biscuit and the baby

Read 4 Calvin and Hobbes cartoon books from cover to cover.

I love these cartoon strips, so does my Dad!

Read "Where Lilacs still Bloom"

 A fictionalized account of the life Hulda Klager, a German immigrant and farm wife with only an eighth-grade education and a burning desire to create something beautiful, who turns her hobby into a time-consuming interest in plant hybridization that puts her at odds with her family and community.

I loved the Children's Museum of Indiannapolis!

It was so fun. I played with Hot Wheels cars and raced them down the ramps, I built a semi truck with Legos, I acted in a pirate show with my brother.

I loved going to Turtle Cove splash park.

Spent the day scrapbooking

Total for my 2 day crop....11 layouts and 5 cards!