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read a book

Pretty Penny Comes Up Short

read a book

The Ballet Recital

Read the book " How do dinosaurs say I love you"

read a book

read the dollhouse murders

read all the lovely bad ones

read mockingjay

read catching fire

read catching fire

read hunger games

watched paulie

watched harry potter and the deathly hallows

watched harry potter and the order of the phoenix

read harry potter

read a book

read harry potter and the half blood prince

Read and Love Divergent

This book was fantastic :)

read a book

Judy Moody and the not bummer summer

admired the new Inside|Out artwork at the library

It was so cool to see this painting on the wall at the library. I also looked up more information about it on the DIA website and learned more about the artist elsewhere online. I'm quite excited to travel around Canton to see the other pieces in the series.

read a book written by my second cousin, a Caldecot Medal Winner

I read the book, "Creamed Tuna Fish and Peas on Toast". It was written by my second cousin, Philip Christian Stead. My mom remembers hearing about this story as a child and can attest that it is true!!