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Ida B. By: Katherine Hannigan

A girl named Ida B usually hangs out in her valley where she has conversations with trees and the river. She listens to them and they speak to her. Ida B is also homeschooled. She has been homeschooled all the way from kindergarden. Her life is perfect until her Mama gets cancer. They have to spend lots of money on her hospital bills and can't afford to pay for their land so they have to sell the part where some of her tree friends are and the new owners cut them down. Also, Dad has to work more often to get even more money and Mama is always at the hospital, so Ida B's parents say she has to go back to real school and she is devastated and decides to never be nice to anyone, but in the end she gives that up and is nice to everyone and develops a unique friendship with her teacher.

Read "The Girl Who Was On Fire"

An unauthorized collection of essays discussing "The Hunger Games" Trilogy, because I love "The Hunger Games"! There were some very interesting takes on the relationships and the philosophy of the Games themselves.

I read "Out of My Mind," by Sharon Draper

I read Run for the Hills, Geronimo!

I love Geronimo Stilton books because it is funny, creative, awesome!!!

I read Pinkalicious

I read Harry Potter Lego book

I read Star wars revenge of the sith

I read Star Wars lego characters

I read Harry Potter Lego book

I read Spiderman

liked Anjjapper

I read Pinkalicious

read a cozy mystery about a woman who discovers she can grant wishes

This cozy was fun and the description of the village especially drew me in.

read a book

Use Your Words. This book tells us, if you're feeling blue by soething someone said, Don't keep it bottled up inside. Just use your words instead!

read a book

When someone says, "I'm sorry!" And it's really from the heart. Give your friend a brand-new start! That's I learned after read the book--Forgive and Forget.

Watched the season finale for my favorite show

I love, love, LOVE the Legend of Korra, and I watched the season finale on Saturday. Overall, I'm very satisfied with how everything turned out, and I can't wait until the next season! It really is a great show that teaches some important life lessons, while being entertaining at the same time. :)

I read one of my favorite books,"My life starring mum"

I really loved it because ti was from first-person point of view. That's what makes it really interesting.

i saw my favorite movie

i ate some of my favorite jam

i told my dad i love him