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Love It

Read Pete the Cat I love my white shoes

read H.I.V.E. by:Mark Walden

An adventureous novel about a team of heros called H.I.V.E. They fight the crime and the villanous plans of the team of villins called G.L.O.V.E. G.L.OV.E.'s leader, Overlord erases his personality and has to hop from victim to victim to survive.

I read My Fair God Mother by Jeanette Rallison

Read "The House I Loved" by Tatiana De Rosnay

Organized my Scrapbooking Studio

I love organizing my scrapbooking supplies almost as much as I love actually scrapboking!

read a book

Barbie--A Day at the Fair. I went to the Summer Festival in Westland and did the same thing in the book. I got a cotton candy. I petted a cow. I even fed hay to a goat. I went on a pony ride and got onto the Ferris wheel. I had fun.

read a book

Curious George Flies a Kite. I read this book all by myself. It's a long story, but easy for me.

I finished the Children of the Lamp series

I went to the Liberty Festival next to the summit a while ago!!!

A while ago, I went to the Liberty Festival next to the summit and there were lots of rides that moved really fast! Most of the time I would just walk around, look at all of my surroundings and listen to people squeal with joy but this year I went on one ride. It's so expensive there! Anyway, I went on a ride where you have to sit on a seat and you get spun in a circle over and over. It was very thrilling but I had to look down or I would have freaked out. I could see everything up high like that though! :)

I went to the 4th of July Parade in Northville!!!

I went to the 4th of July Parade in Northville and it was so hot outside!!! It was kinda fun I guess to try and grab the candy tossed at you while cars, bikes and other things passed by. It went on for about an hour or a little more and the streets were packed with people of all ages. This is something that has been happening for years and years and it's a terrific way to spend the 4th of July! :)

I read Peter and the Starcatchers

Very interesting.

Went to Liberty Fest last month

I love Liberty Fest. It's my most favorite event that Canton brings to the Summit! The carnival section is my favorite part.

read a book

If I could keep you little... by Marianne Richmond.

I went to the summit with my little brother and my dad!!!

I went to the summit because I was bored I guess and I swam around with my little brother. My dad sat around the pool, watching us. I'm not the best swimmer (yet) but I love how I feel when i'm in a pool. I can't really describe it... Anyway, we may go again next week or anytime we want during the summer! :)

read Charlie and Lola

Lola thinks it's very funny to call for Charlie's help even though she doesn't need it. That's too bad.

read a book

I read THE DOT by Peter H. Reynolds.

read a book

Judy Moody was in a mood. Not a good mood. A bad mood.

Read Twilight Series

I went shopping with my mom!!!

I went shopping with my mom at the mall and it was so fun because I got to buy some pieces of clothing! :)