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Love It

Read a book.

read book

TRUE OR FALSE Planets by Melvin and Gilda Berger. It's fun to learn. I love this book.

Jane Eyre reading

Spent the afternoon making cards

Putone playes at the Village Thearter

I love to act and put on plays for people. I have been in 6 plays at the Village Thearter, it is fun!!

Read Saiyuki Reload vol. 6

Opps, forgot this one. Yay; more love~!

Read Saiyuki Reload vol. 8

Demon Hakkai; best character in the series. My favorite by far.

Read Saiyuki Reload vol. 7

Hazel showed up; not a fan of that man.

watched beetlejuice with my big brother

Thought it was very funny

watched the movie bettlejuice with my sister

I read Remarkable

Remarkable: a novel by Lizzie K. Foley — I read this book and absolutely loved it.  What would life be like if you were the only normal person in your town?  While everyone else in her town of Remarkable is incredibly gifted at something, Jill Doe is quite unremarkably average.  But that doesn't stop her from being the heroine of this funny, wildly creative book.

read the stephanie laurens novel about eliza cynster

i am reading season of life

it is teaching me how to be a better person how to be more responsible :) i really like ther book i think next i will read How To Win Friends And Influence People :D

read a book--always and forever

It's a sad story from beginning. When we miss someone, do something they did by remembering. I've learned "live has to go on.

read a book

Little Pea by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. I like eat green stuff.

Read Saiyuki Reload vol. 5

Half way through!! I still can't put it down; is that good or bad?

Read Saiyuki Reload vol. 4

I just realized that I call this Saiyuki Reloaded....oh well.

Read Saiyuki Reload vol. 3

My brother is wanting to read these but I'm not going to let him; he has to read Saiyuki first!

Read Saiyuki Reload vol. 2

This series has ten books but ten isn't in the US yet; why did TokyoPop have to go out of business!?

Read Saiyuki Reload vol. 1

Still the same 4 lovable men, different siuations!