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Hands On


Enjoy Stained-Glass Magic with the Creative Book.

Worked on my garden

Got some new beautiful pink roses. Can't wait till they grow up!

Got Dirty!

I'm dirty! by Kate & Jim McMullan

Scrapbooked my last semester of school!

So pretty! Now to look up more ways of scrapbooking awesomeness in the Non-fiction section :)

Spent 3 hours working on my story

First chapter and outline down...entire novel to go! But starting it is half the battle!


sidewalk chalk

It's fun to decorate my driveway with chalk.

I watered my mom's flowers!!!

My mom planted some beautiful flowers in some pots a little before the school year ended. Occasionally, I water them so they don't die in this hot weather. I love them because they're very colorful. They brighten up my day! :)

Set up a rock, mineral, and rock exploring station

My Dad got me safety goggles, a hammer, gloves, books, and a piece of metal to explore geodes, and other rocks and minerals. I can break them and then test them with the books and materials I have (like a strike plate)

I attended the paper airplane program

I invited my 2 friends to the program. It was great fun! We saw a real helicopter engine. Cool!

Sewed Felt Puppets with my sister

Sewed Felt Puppets with my sister

i colored

love-it heart and dog outline

I helped Mom cooked breakfast today. I fried eggs and prepare table.

An exciting experience for me today. I was able to fry eggs for breakfast and I did it well.

watered tomato plants

Drew in my sketchbook


i went to the paper airplanes assembly with my little brother

Made salt dough jewelry

learned about pottery and glass

i learned that glass is made up of different sands and its hard to look for sands to make a specific color of glass. i also learned that you need to be patient when you want to do pottery making