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Hands On

knitted a baby hat

scrapbooked with a friend,

made 7 cards.

Set up my new GPS

I planted plants with my mom

Painted Pottery at Creatopia

It was a hot, hot day, so I went indoors and painted pottery at Creatopia! I painted a Tinkerbell jewelry box.

Chalk CPL

Great art can happen in any medium and to prove that, artists from D&M Art Studio will be here on July 9 at 6:00 PM to create chalk art versions of our Detroit Institute of Arts Inside|Out masterpieces. See what they create, and then cover the CPL sidewalks with your own chalk work of art in this all-ages activity. Artists will also be at Cherry Hill Village so be sure to stop out there and see the Inside|Out art and chalk recreations.

Pop Bottle Science and Volcano

We did a pop bottle experiment and we're building a volcano

I tie-dyed a shirt a day after school ended!!!

I went over to my friends house a day after school ended (to have a mini party) and I tie-dyed a shirt. We did many things besides that though. I accidentally messed up my shirt by mixing a lot of colors-but at least I had fun! :)

Baked a cake from scratch

Completed online scrapbook

attending library program

I take a ceramic animal and painting it the way I like.

I tye died a cool shirt at VBS

Went to the Henry Ford Museum

I made a baby quilt.

organized the 500+ photos that I took while on vacation recently.

Did this so that I can begin to scrapbook my trip.

sewed together a knitted creature

play fireworks

I played fireworks with my family. My neighbour got some big one this year. It's really loud, but I like it. It's beautiful, too.

monster story

draw and make up a monster story.


I got NINFAGO for 4th of July. Cool! I spent a lot of time to built it. Now I can play with my brother.

I made a bug collection

I made a bug collection an I pined bugs to a board