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Hands On

Learned some origami

I thought origami was boring but when I learned how to do it, it's actually really awesome!

attended library program

chalk art.

Wrote a review of Above the Veil and Yellow Line

Wrote a Review of the Edumacation of Jay Baker by Jay Clark

I take care of my vegetable plants.

Finally organized my house

Scrapbooked 4 pages!

Printed off a mini envelope template

Plan to make some of the mini envelopes to use on a scrapbook layout or handmade cards.

Painted pictures with my friends and read books with my friend.

watering vegetable plants and flowers

Attended paper airplanes program at CPL

Attended Lanyard making and made a lanyard.

Attended a library program

We made bookmarks & really enjoyed it.

Knit 2 baby hats

drew my family

I drew my family, and make up a story.

Added a few new DIY cleaning tips to my Pinterest account

I read outside sometimes!!!

I know that it has been a really hot summer so far but it's actually kinda nice and peaceful outside. The sound of nature is soothing and there are no distractions. I enjoy spending time by myself, away from my three brothers. I'm so glad somebody invented books! They're like wonderful little stories in your head. I have my hands on books all the time! :)

Going sailing on a sailboat at Waldnwoods

My unkle Chuck took my cousin,my sister and me on a sailboat at Waldnwoods.

Lanyard class at the library.