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Hands On

I recycled old worn out jeans to cute shorts

Created a beautiful art project

I made a picture frame at craft program

i went to Michaels and made a pom-pom bear.

Learned to Knit

Story telling at the library

I helped make a garden.

I went to a cute store called Mango's Fruit Market for the first time!!!

Somebody told my mom about a store called Mango's Fruit Market so we decided to check it out today. It's a very small market with a variety of foods, so we bought a few delicious items. They also have a deli! I hope I get to visit Mango's Fruit Market again someday. I like to go to new places. I like to see different things... :)

I did super duper hard origami that I never thought I could do

I never am into origami like my friend who is like Bff's with origami but I tried making this super complicated origami giraffe and I loved it!!!:)

Read Darth Paper Strikes Back

Read Origami Yoda

tending gardens

Installed new kitchen and bathroom fixtures

I went to the paper planes and jet engines activity

Listened to Audiobooks at work

I made a monter at Canton Library.

It was fun!


I am trying to finish a blanket for my sister's wedding gift. So I worked on it last night while we watched the all star game

Leanred the hula hoop

Learned some origami

I thought origami was boring but when I learned how to do it, it's actually really awesome!