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Hands On

I went to Michaels yesterday and made this super-easy bull.

All you need is a small clay pot, foam ball and some was a lot of fun making it!

Shadow Art

I used a colorful backdrop and deep-contrast silhouettes made for a striking work of art. I enjoyed my creativity.

I made an olympics project at the library.

Kept Score at the Tigers Game

We went to the Tigers game on Wednesday and my husband taught me to keep score. The Tigers won. Yay!  and it made a neat souvenier of the game.  

Made 3 birthday cards

This one is for my friend Kimberly

Made my own flour tortillas

They're easy to make and taste much better than store-bought! I made them last night so we could load them up with taco fixings.

I made a few friendship bracelets

Made my own jam

I made strawberry freezer jam.

I read the book "Days with Frog & Toad" by Arnold Lobel

Made our picnic table patriotic with a new cover!

Went to Plymouth's Art in the Park festival

...and saw the living mural!

tried to make oragami

i picked up grabage in my community

i built a clubhouse with my family

helped ut in my community

Yard Work

Trimmed shrubs in my front yard that were getting too tall.

Helped fix my Grandma's dishwasher

I made sock puppets at the DIA

I helped my mom set up a tent!!!

I helped my mom set up a tent so we could go camping in Heritage Park. We picked out our spot carefully because we wanted a glamorous area to settle in. We were one of the first people there (we got there early). It was so hot outside so I started sweating like crazy! It took a while but we set up the tent. We did it! Two of my brothers came to help set up the tent too. I enjoyed the blue gatorade that I brought along. Refreshing! :)

made picture frame at craft program