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Hands On

I made a paper piggy bank.

Baked my own cheese crackers

They taste like Cheez-Its, only better! They are pumpkin-shaped because the recipe suggested making 2-inch crackers and my pumpkin cookie cutter was just the right size.

Made a bird house at the Canton Flodin Park clean up!

I finger knitted.

I went to make my own icecream at 4:00 at thecanton public library

I made a wooden box with my dad to keep my special things in

I made a wooden box with my dad to keep my special things in

I learned how to weave baskets at Discovery Camp!!!

I learned how to weave baskets at Discovery Camp in Greenfield Village. Honestly, it was pretty fun. There are many ways to make baskets. First, I had to put all of my wood in water to make it soft (so it wouldn't break). I had to move my fingers around a lot but it was worth it. With some help, I was able to get the hang of the little weaving pattern (making the wood go in and out and then cutting it to start a new row). The lady who helped me was very nice and encouraging. I ended up making one big basket (maybe for a picnic) and a little basket with some red, orange and yellow lines added to it. What made me even more happy was that I got to weave with my new friend! I love learning new things! :)

hot dog

the dog who cried woof

I did face painting at my sisters birthday party.

I made a rocket and launched it, for my Rocketry patch

Read Crocheting for fun

Crocheting a scarf

I did some sewing

It's been a while since I sewed anything, but I figured it would be nice to brush up on my skills so I practiced some different stitches on some old pajamas.

I built a Lego car at the Children's Museum of Indiannapolis.

I made cupcakes!

for the Battle of the Cupcakes! It was really hard not to Chow Down on them.

Cooked a new Recipe

For dinner last night I cooked a new recipe using ground turkey, salsa, and noodles. It was yummy.

Spent the day scrapbooking with friends

and completed 6 pages.

Outdoor DIY Projects