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Hands On

i created a jewelry set

it was for my mom.with necklace, ring, bracelet, earings .

I got a haircut!

Family Lego Day

I made a Evil Space Ship at the library. I love to build legos.

Made an Ocean!

A great project for kids! Take an empty water bottle, put in sand and small sea shells. Fill with water and you have your own ocean! It's really cool!

Did henna!

i learned archery in art fair

the bow i used was huge. i used 3 arrows. it was hard for me.

Visited the CPL quilt show

I admired the quilts and voted in the CPL Quilt Show

They were gorgeous and have inspired me to finally start on the t-shirt quilt I've been hoping would make itself!

Cloth Painting for Tweens

Cloth Painted a backpack

Went to quilt show in Community Room the quilts are beautiful!!!!

I made homemade ice-cream at "Come and Play" and Library in Canton!

I cleaned out and color organized my closet (dresser and jewelry box).

Learned archery

Learned archery

Wrote a little on my novel this week

I went to the Scrapbox in Ann Arbor and made crafts.

went to the CPL quilt show - beautiful quilts

Made a graham cracker swimming pool

I learned how to make bracelets.