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Hands On

I made this cute flamingo.

I enjoy showing it off to everyone.

I went to the library and listened stories about Southwest folktales.

I made some crafts and had yummy snacks, too. It was great.

I made crafts with recycled materials and read some books.

Made a Daisy Flower Clip

I took this regular silk daisy and and added an "E" with my embroidery machine!  I then put it on an alligator clip so that my daughter can wear it in her hair!

I went to family logo day

I did space tractor which is an already made vehicle.

finally customized a necklace so it fits

I received this necklace as a gift from my awesome husband, but the chain it came on was a little too long for me. I finally got out the pliers and adjusted the chain so it fits the way I want it to. Allons-y!


I read THE SAND CASTLE CONTEST. I like to play sand, too. My brother and I love to put a lot of turcks in the sand box. We build bridges.

Made Sand Art

We made our own sand art by rubbing salt with sidewalk chalk then using a funnel to pour it in colored layers into glass jars. Our creations turned out really pretty.

Built and launced a rocket at Maker Faire

We built rockets out of paper and launched them on a special launcher. Mine went almost 100 yards!

Learned to solder at Maker Faire

I learned to solder and made a pin that lights up.

Made some delicious molasses cookies

Made arroz con leche

This truly is a hands-on recipe. It has to be watched carefully and stirred often so the milk doesn't burn. It can be served warm (tastes kind of like a sweet oatmeal!) or cold, like a traditional pudding. Either way, it's delicious!

decorated a cup cake for my friennd

made a beads braclet for mom

made a aeroplane origami

put some flowering seeds

I made a decorated fabric painted pant at the library

It was really fun

i painted my room purple

I cleaned my big room

i cleaned my closet

my closet was a mess before.