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Hands On

patched my jeans

decorated a bag

went swimming

attended a party

had a dinner party

helped at a party

volenteered at an expo

went to the liberty fest

made a card

made a bracelet

read junie b jones

Sewed a dress for my daughter

Used my hands (and sewing machine) to sew a dress for my daughter--first time working with knit fabrics too!

i helped at a food pantry

Made garb for my school's Renaissance Faire


I build a lego --NINJACQ ship. It's so cool!

I attended Vacation Bible School

decoratea tote bag

I decorated a green resuable tote bag with stencils and fabric paint. It looks pretty.

impression 5 musem

made a bracelet

I made a bracelet. It's beautiful.

I played with legos