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Hands On

Read books and painted

I read two books about Tinker Bell. She made things and it inspired me to paint, water color, paint.

built amlego set

plant some flowers

I plant some flowers with my mom.

Built and Stained a Birdhouse

My dad helped while I built and stained a birdhouse. He also helped while I sounded out the instructions.

Went to a Lowes Buil and Grow.

Helped my daughter build the Masagascar van.

I took pictures of my son to document him turning 3 months old.

I did an oil change on a 2012 jeep grand Cherokee.

I put together my sons rocker.

Discovering Dinosaurs with a Fossil Hunter

How do scientists find fossils and read about dinosaurs.

continued to teach myself how to quilt

Today I made my quilt sandwich and basted it together. I've been using a selection of quilting books from CPL's collection to teach myself how to do this project. Next up: stitching in the ditch to actually quilt it together!

Installed a new toilet--no more leaks!

Made Play-dough

a cup of flour mixed with a quarter cup of salt and then a quarter cup of water then a few drops of food coloring; mine turned out really nice but a bit sticky :)

I made a base for my army men.

I made a base for my army men. It is more like a tank and base combined but the wheels always popped off when I tried driving it. So it was a base with wheels.

I built a Lego Set, it was a fire truck.

It's so awesome because it has a trailor. I think it's really fun to play with. It takes a long time but I've done it in less than a day.

weeded the garden

finished knitting a baby sweater

Growing a vegetable garden

Worked on drawings from "how to draw foods"

spent time with family

baked a cake