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Hands On

i helped my dad make the book shelf

I make origami!

I am doing a knitting project!

I am making a latch hook kit that I got from Micheals. It has 3 colors, green, white and black, because I am making a soccer ball. It is pretty fun, and normally I would never knit, because I thought knitting was boring, but it's not! You should try this too, you can buy a kit at Micheals for 10 bucks and a needle to go with it for around 2 bucks... have fun!

I built a bird house

made a bird house

making popsicle stick puppets

I made accessories with my mom

They turned out really, really pretty!:)

i made a wand for my sister

my sister lost her wand and i made her a new one

I did a craft with my brother

We made an oragami boat ish thing!!!

i drew a picture of bird

I did a craft with my sister(:

First we took construction paper and made an oragami square. After, we made an oragami boat type thing(:

We helped plant flowers in our backyard

Worked on tornado damaged houses.

I went with a group of people down to Kentucky and we worked on homes that had been damaged in the tornadoes in March.

I planted bean plants!

I did a building project at Home Depot

I did a building project at Home Depot

I did a building project at Home Depot

I made a Bracelet

played music with my 3 year old sister

taught my sister how to play 3D tic tac toe

she licked it