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Hands On

attended the snack tales programme

Did origami

made a origami swan

Made paper airplanes at the library program and learned about jet engines.

my art work

I made some fireworks. I'm proud of my art works.

I made two paper planes, the fun part was firing up the jet engine.

attending library program

I made two paper airplanes. It works good.

read some books on papercrafting and created some one of a kind mini-cards

I love googley eyes and I thought they were the perfect embellishment for these two paper designs.

played with legos

we made a campsite

Helped mom by taking care of my little sister

made friendship bracelets

I did a lego space camp

Attended kids workshop at Lowe's

Built a Madaagascar 3 Assault Vehicle as part of the workshop and earned a badge and certificate with my mom and dad.

Baked brownies for a bake sale

I made a duct tape wallet with a friendship bracelet handle.

participated in bricks for kids day camp

it was a awesome lego camp .

i want to build a huge house out of legos

i do not have enough yet

made a lego humvee

me and my brother did origami together

we did sticky note origami.