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Hands On

outside the library

I brought my socks to tie dye this year. I love it.

drew some pictures and added them to my dairy book.

Did a Beanbag Ball Craft for my Minisociety project at school

I went craft searching for a craft to sell in my school's Minisociety project and I found a perfect craft for me to sell; Beanbag Balls! To make one, you simply take one balloon and fill it up with rice, then cut out the thing you blow on. Take another balloon, blow it up so that it will be big enough to fit and cover the filled up balloon starting from the side where you blow on it. Then TA DA! Your done! Beanbag balls are just like Stress balls that don't spill, because no matter how hard you throw, the rice never comes out UNLESS you remove the the balloon that's covering the filled up one. I had a best-selling craft when i came back to school and they even sold out! =D

Read Book - Crafts for Kids (J745.5)

After Reading this book ,I followed the same pattern to do the Photo frame. I painted the black photo frame bought from IKEA into a colorful frame. I put my photo in it and hang on the wall.

Read Book - Crafts for kids -(J745.5)

By looking at the Ribbon mirror in this book, I made a photo frame. I painted the blank frame into a colorful one and kept my photo in it and I hanged in the wall.

I made crafts and put them in my journal. It looks great.

i did

Photographed and uploaded the 4 new scrapbook layouts that I made yesterday at my scrapbooking crop.

This one is of Trumpet Vines that grew wild along the roadsides in Indiana.

I made some crafts and arts after read the book. It's fun.

I made cookies with my sisters, I fixed a door to.

Read Book - Crafty Activities

We learn few craft by reading the book and we made a party invitation

make and take

I made my own book at the library this afternoon. It's so cool.

I played with a K-Nex gun that my brother made!!!

My little brother made a K-Nex gun that he copied from youtube and it shoots really really fast and far! So the next time somebody annoys out! :)

I jazzed up an old coffee table

Using CD jackets and DVD sleeves, I decoupaged the top of a junky old coffee table. It needs a few more layers of hard coat but I think it turned out well! The book Mod Podge Rocks!: decoupage your world by Amy Anderson helped me identify the proper sealants for the new surface.

I sewed a pillow

Sewing a dress

I'm making a dress for my niece for her birthday.  I'm new at sewing so I'm taking it slow and learning how to read patterns and use bias tape. Hopefully I'll finish this before she's too big to wear it!

picked zuchini and tomatoes out of my garden - watermelon is still growing

Rinse down my sump pump every other day

No one will understand the need to do this unless they know the agonies I have suffered for suffered through the years with my drain/sump pump system that has Tufa building up on it.

Wardrobe Door Repair

Reattached the door of the wardrobe in my bedroom at my homestay in Kiev using a pocketknife, as it was coming off and I wasn't sure if I'd caused that or not.