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Go Wild

I went to the Water Park with my mom and little brother!!!

I went to the Water Park with my mom and little brother yesterday. It was a good day to go there because it was about 100 degrees outside! Anyway, it was so fun because I got soaking wet. I love sitting in this red thing where it shoots mist at you and I love the big buckets that pour a lot of water on you. My mom didn't really get wet, but, who's gonna make her, you know? It was funny because my brother and I found a cup so we kept dumping water on another girl, and she kept dumping water on us, and it went on like that for a while. We chased each other around while we were doing that but I eventually got bored. The Water Park was supposed to close at 7pm (thats when we got there) but it actually closed at 8pm. So we were there for about an hour. It was a big risk because we didn't know how much time we would have until the water shut off. Lol...I went wild alright... :)

weeded my flower beds

They are looking much better now.

Going camping at Waldenwoods

We go camping at Waldenwoods almost every year. We have smores and swim in the pool.

read kai-lan's beach day

all by my salf Isabella age 5

i trekked the lower rouge river trail

Michigan Pet Finders Community

Michigan Pet Finders Community is a great local resource that has links for posting about a lost pet, a found pet, tips for keeping pets safe in this extreme heat, and other great links. Be sure to check this site out and don't forget to give you pets plenty of water and keep them cool this summer!

Read the Cat Master

This book is about outdors and indoors raging it out in slow but amazing battles

Ate fresh green beans off of the plants I am growing

My green bean plants that I am watering every day in a container finally had green beans! They were GREAT!

Hike in the nature preserve

I killed some bed bugs!!!

Last summer, there were lots of bed bugs in our house, but this year, there are not so many. I found a few in our house but I found many outside at night. Sometimes I go outside on the front porch and squish as many bed bugs as I can find crawling on the walls. Oh! By the way, bed bugs are little black bugs that suck your blood while you're sleeping. Then you get these things that look and feel like mosquito bites. They're so gross! I get freaked out each night so I have to do a quick check in my room to see if I can find any bed bugs. They hide really well... :)

Listened ro a loon singing on Long Lake

watered the plants in my garden

Collected seashells on vacation

Saw this flower growing along the roadside ....

.... it's Trumpet Vine, which I had no idea grew in the wild. Stopped to get a few photos.

Visted some beautiful gardens in downtown Nashville, IN

Saw a ton of deer while driving over 1000 miles on vacation

Didn't hit any deer or other critters with my car though from the amount of roadkill we saw everywhere, we were lucky to avoid doing so!

knit a bumblebee sweater

Knit this bumblebee sweater for a friend's Pullip doll (seen here on a Blythe).

I held a snake!

there is a frog in my yard

while we played fireworks, he came out from somewhere. and just stay there, whatever I touched him. He enjoy the fireworks, too. funny.

I read Judy Moody saves the world

easy to read, very fluent