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Go Wild

I went to a park and walked halfway around it blindfolded

I went to the Grand Canyon South Rim

Wow! It was a long time we stayed. We viewed 14 points! Each point to share its own type of beauty. The second you step in there, memories start. It is definitely worth the long drive. It's beauty is not explainable in words, as if it's the prettiest thing I've ever seen.

I went to Cedar Break National Park.

You probably expect that place to be warm. It was 10,350 feet above ground. We were so cold we had to wear like 5 layers of clothes. But that didn't ruin the fun and enjoyment of the scenery.

I went to all the national parks in the ranger activities and was officially a Junior Park Ranger at all the parks.

We had to finish activities in our age group. If we did it all, we had to take an oath that a park ranger took. It was an amazing experience.

bird watching

i went para sailing in traverse city, when i was camping there

i went zip lining

Ate lunch outside with my dog

Patriot sunned himself while he watched me eat. Sadly for him, I wasn't sharing my food!

I went looking for rocks for my collection.

I found different rocks.

Went fishing

I went fishing and caught minnows using a net.

Read The Entire Collective works of Jonathan Maberry

Hiked through the woods at the lake where we camped


manatees are gentle animals.they live in cceans and rivers.they have hundreds of whiskers.manatees are like a large cows.sometimes manatees are called sea cows.

Wild Wear Wednesdays

three pigsAre you looking for a super fun way to earn your Go Wild Badge? Every Wednesday until the end of CYS on August 11, 2012, wear your favorite wild animal clothes! They can have animal prints, animal pictures, or animal sounds. It'll be a jungle in here!

Geocaching at Lower Huron Metropark

Geocaching w/ the kids & water park w/ the kids at area metropark


This book was called the Giving Tree. It was when a boy asked the tree for things. He grew older and older, and he wanted more things to build things with. For example, apples to eat. And branches to build a house. IT WAS GO WILD!


A BEACH DAY by Douglas Florian. My mom had mussels for dinner. I picked some to my collection box. Everytime I went beach, I always looking for shells. They are beautiful.