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Go Wild

She's a good skate, Charlie Brown. I think me too.

Conquer Your Fear of the Creepy Crawlies

Check out these great reads about the creepiest, crawliest creatures around!

Incredible arachnids by John Townsend

Ant lions and lacewings by text by Elaine Pascoe; photographs by Dwight Kuhn

Goliath bird-eating spiders and other extreme bugs by Deirdre A.

Saw a gold finch and a turtle when I walked today

helped my mom car wash

if you take a mouse to the movies

I read about Giant Squids.

i went swimming in a pool

read the island trilogy

i loved the emotional transition that the kids make from tolerating one another to being close friends

i swam in my pool

i swim in my pool

I took a boat ride up the Huron River in Hamburg Township

The ride was beautiful.  A muskrat crossed right in front of us.  We saw Sandhill Cranes, Blue Herons and many varieties of fish.

I read Flat Stanley The Flying Chinese Wonders

I liked when he landed on the Terra Cotta Warriors heads.

I read Storm Runners by Roland Smith

In Storm Runners, Chase Masters and his Father travel around helping people get ready for storms after his Mom and Sister died. And after his father was struck by lightning and survived. On one particular trip, his father enrolls him in a new school and his Father is in a city 20 miles away where his Father thinks the hurricane wiill hit. As it turns out, the storm hits where Chase is and he and three other people must escape it.

Read Owls

I wanted to learn more about the different kinds of owls so I got a nonfiction book from the library and read and learned a lot about owls.

Hot Summer, Cool Kids

There are lots of fun ways to keep cool this summer and earn your Connect Your Summer Badges too. Read a book about an animal under a shady tree and earn your Make Tracks Badge. Or make a cool treat, and earn your Chow Down Badge. Go see a movie in a chilly theatre and earn your Curtains Up Badge. You can even go swimming in a lake or pool for your Go Wild badge, and read a favorite book on a raft.

Spent the day at camp

we swam, enjoyed the stars, and walked a lot.  And tried to stay cool on a very hot day.

Went on a Vacation to Northern Michigan

We stayed in cabins on Lake Huron for a week.

Went on a Vacation to Northern Michigan

I went on a family vacation to Northern Michigan. We stayed in cabins on Lake Huron.

Read Shark attack

Read Discover Sharks