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Go Wild

Road a horse

Went camping for 11 days

Camped in the wild

Went camping for 11 days

Saw 2 small turtles swimming in the pond when I walked

wish I had taken my camera with me!

Went canoeing on the Huron River

Went on the Pictured Rocks Boat Tour in LakeSuperior

Visited many Waterfalls in Munising

If you visit Munising, make sure to take side trips to see the many waterfalls in the area. I never knew that we had such beautiful falls in Michigan! Here is a picture of the Horseshoe Falls.

Wore animal print clothing on Wild Wednesday

Went on the Pictured Rocks Tour in Munising

Lovers Leap

turned off the AC and enjoyed the fresh air

There was finally a cool breeze blowing this morning on my way into work so I opened the sunroof and enjoyed it.

Took a nature walk

I went to H2O splash park westland today with my friend and played like crazies.

It was super fun!

Went canoeing in the canal at my cottage and saw swans.

Came within 2 feet of a swimming swan...kinda scary!

played in the water sprinklers

my friend and me ran through the water and jumped on the trampoleen while water spraied us

I saw many little turtles at Discovery Camp while I was on the train!!!

I saw many little turtles at Discovery Camp in Greenfield Village while I was on the train. There were of them? I didn't really get a good look at them because the train passed by quickly. I saw one turtle in the water but the rest were just chilling on a log. It was so cute because some baby turtles were following their mommy! Hehe, I like turtles... :)

old new red blue

Played water sprinklers

With lots of friends in the was super fun!

I visited Detroit Zoo,learned a lot about the wild animals and their habitat.