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Go Wild

learnt abt fire flies

I went to ruby falls

On memorial day I ran 3.1 miles in a race dressed as the Statue of Liberty

We watch the sea otter in their wild habitat.

Its pretty amazing how the sea otter live in their own environment. They float at their back while eating their food and put their food in their tummy.

Went hiking around Mackinac Island with my family :)

admired the many morning glory blossoms on my fence

This first year of growing morning glories is going very successfully despite the dry weather.

I read book "Petosky Stone"!

The book told me about the legend of the Petosky stone and its name.

Read White Fang by Jack London

A well written story that literally takes the reader inside the mind of the wolf dog.

went to camp

I went to the Olympic Financial Boot Camp today. We did a lot of activities. I got the first place when we played games. It's so fun.

i saw a muskrat

i saw this critter while visiting annarbor. it was in domino was small.

Vissited Tahquamenon State Park and hiked to the Upper and Lower Falls

LB visited the zoo

LB went to the Detroit Zoo and had a blast with the other bears in the Arctic Circle of Life.

Nature Photography

Took nature photography with Rick Leider

caught a tiny frog!!!

My father and I climbed the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes which is 284 feets in July.

There is a lot of sands there, of course. It wasn't easy, but it was absolutely fun. I even beat my dad to be up the top first.

i took pony lessons

played with water guns

Camped in my backyard for 2 nights!

played with water guns

camped in my backyard