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Go Wild

I started our summer up north adventure

This summer our family will be going on outdoor adventures. Our first one was the day after school ended. We went on a 5 mile bike ride, took pictures on the way to recall our adventures. Later we went on a 2 mile hike in the woods.

Went to Liberty Fest and Held a Wild Tortoise

Also, Got close to a Lion and saw a lot of Wild Exotic animals.

I went to the Liberty Fest and went on most of the rides.

bumper cars was the best.

I went to liberty fest and I saw wild animals

I went to the Liberty Fest and saw many wild animals

I went to the heritage park in Canton

Readd a book about Michigan's landscape

It was very informational!!

Used Wildflowers and Weeds: A Field Guide in Full Color to identify some weeds growing in my garden.

After browsing this book, I now know that they're Marestail (AKA Horseweed or Canadian Fleabane), and I can safely pull them. Marestail isn't a plant that lets off irritating substances, so I don't need to be careful about wearing long sleeves while I get rid of them.

The Five Masks of Dr.Screem

in The Five Masks of Dr.Screem it is at Halloween night outside

Launched Monarch Butterflies

I was able to help Marianne, Sandra, and Marian launch our newly hatched Monarch butterflies! We each got to have one take off from our fingers.

Warriors Skyclan and the Stranger

warrior skyclanAre you looking to Go Wild reading this summer? If so, be sure to browse our New Book Shelf for the most recent title in the Warriors Graphic Novel Series. These books will take you on an adventure of epic-sized hairball proportions! The cats are waiting, check them out new before they run away.

I had joined the canton activties crew.

Great Outdoors Month

Did you know that June is the Great Outdoors Month. Blue skies, cool breezes and blue lakes abound in Michigan, so take advantage of this and take a long walk, ride a bike, or go swimming or golfing. The opportunities are endless. Share your experience on CYS and earn an appropriate badge.

Discover Michigan's Wilderness

Travel to the Wild

Photo Trek with Rick Lieder

OnTuesday, July 17 at 10:00 AM, join acclaimed photographer, Rick Lieder, as he treks around the library grounds in search of creatures to "capture" on film.  The library will provide disposable cameras or you may bring your own.  Take advantage of this opportunity to learn to "capture" images of your own.  This program is geared to patrons aged 9 and up.  Space is limited, so register today. 

Summer Blooms

The knowledgeable and talented ladies from Sparr's Florist and Greenhouses in Plymouth Township are back for a new program.  See how to best use those summer garden beauties in a lovely arrangement for a special event or to brighten your home.  You may even win a beautiful floral arrangement created right before your eyes.    Please join us on Saturday, June 30 at 2:00 PM and take a deep breath of summer.