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Go Wild

read hunger games

read national geographic

had a bbq

went to heritage park

grew my own organic plants

read harry potter and the chamber of secrets

I read a National Geographic magazine

Camped up north near Mackinaw City

spent the day at Michigan AdventurePark

Read Hoot

It was a wonderful book!

Ran in Heritage Park

I ran in the wild during a race

During the liberty Fest there was a race were you had to run 3.1 miles dressed as the Statue of Liberty.

Growing My Own Plants!

Planted a garden for the first time this spring. The edibles are growing and we ate our first Golden Swiss Chard leaves - sauteed and then on burgers. Yum! Used the following references to get started:

All new square foot gardening: grow more in less space! by Mel Bartholomew — Reads like an infomercial, but is chock full of great information to get started.

The food lover's garden by Mark Diacono ; photography by Mark Diacono ; recipe photography by Laura Hynd ; recipe development by Debora Robertson — Made my mouth water.

I went running at Maybury State Park

This earned me the "Go Wild" badge because while I was at Maybury I saw many different types of wildlife. I saw squirrels, a newborn baby bunny, different types of birds, lots of insects, and two adult deer with antlers!

Went to liberty fest

It was fun

I went to the Liberty Fest and went on a ton of rides

Kids Fiction About Nature

Hoot by Carl Hiaasen

Island trilogy by Gordon Korman

A week in the woods by Andrew Clements

Eye of the storm by Kate Messner

Camp Out Overnight In Your Backyard

Can't go anywhere else? Camp out in your backyard. See old things as new. Maybe even read a book by flashlight under the stars.

Went Canoeing on the Huron River

I saw baby ducks, turtles, dragon flies, lily pads and a goose.