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Go Wild

I checked out books at the library about Michigan and learned some new things about our state

i did the great outdoors month

i went to camping and it was fun because i was with my friends

water flowers

Went to the Detroit Zoo

I read about animals.

We went to the Detroit Zoo. My mom and dad read me a book about animals on strike at the zoo.

My favorite animal is the warthog. I like when my mom reads me the signs about the animals. I remembered to take my binoculars this time.

ride a bike

I ride a bike with my brother for 30 minutes.

I read the book Birds of Tennessee

watered plants

nature walk with pictures!

tried (but failed) to cliimb to the top of a tree

played outside with my friend nick

so i skate alot like three times a week so i am a good skater i skate front words backwords sideways i have only fallin twice this year but i indead up continuing what i do i wont to go pro every tells me to ok bake to me and my friend he is alittle better at the moves but i am faster an smarter every saterday i skate 10.3 miles and i go skating right after to skating station 2 allmost every saterday i try to get outside everyday witch i do and every one sheould to

Helped Mom pull weeds outside

Madagasgar movie

went to niagara falls

played outside

Calling All Babies — August

Calling All Babies! If you are two-years-old or younger, join us Thursday, August 9, 2012 from 10:00-10:30 AM, as we explore Animals. We'll have fun learning about our furry friends and getting to play a bit too. Moms, be sure to register your little one beginning June 26, 2012. We look forward to seeing you there!

Nature Photography

See through the eyes of professional photographer, Rick Lieder. We will wander the library grounds to capture on film bugs and wildlife. The library will provide disposable cameras or you may bring your own. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from this gifted professional. Join other adults on July 17th at Noon.

I went swimming in a lake.

I went swimming in a lake.