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Go Wild

Went camping with my family

Spent time outdoors before it was too hot

I took advantage of being up early and sat outside with my coffee and my dog Patriot. It was very pleasant - warm and slightly humid.

Read "Alice on Board"

This book is the second-to-last book in the Alice series written by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. It's about Alice's summer after high school graduation. She's spending it working on a cruise ship with her best friends.

read " Around the pond: who's been here?" by Lindsay Barrett George

i saw a mama duck and her ducklings

I spotted a brown praying mantis

His green friend is still scaling the wall across the way.

Listen to Bird Note each day

This is on the radio at noon each day on WRCJ. There is also a website for Bird Note that is wonderful. Gives lots of fascinating facts and sounds about birds and what we can do to help ensure their survival.

Wore Animal Wear

Wore my yellow parrot shirt today for Wild Wear Wednesday to earn my Go Wild Badge. :)

I went camping up north

Helped release the Library's latest set of Monarch butterflies

Took my camera on my walk tonight

It was a perfect evening to walk and take photos.


OLIVIA Goes Camping. Outdoors is great, but I don't like the bugs, either. I might try to go camping when I am older.

found a yellow acronicta americana caterpillar in our yard.

The Year of the Beasts

The year of the beasts by Cecil Castellucci ; illustrated by Nate Powell — The storyline reminded me a little of the cruel sisters who fight jealously over a man; one drowns the other, whose bones and hair are made into a harp by a minstrel who then sings about the tragedy. The Year of the Beasts is only a little less gruesome, and is told in alternating chapters between text and graphic novel. The older sister takes to the woods after the boy she likes starts dating her younger sister, and tension mounts between the sisters throughout the summer. I feel like it would have been more successful if the graphic novel part had been placed at the end (in chronological order) instead of mixed throughout the text.

Went to Independence park.

With family and lots of friends. Had a delicious picnic lunch. All kids and grown-ups went swimming, played ball, went in the splash pad too. It was so much fun!

I spotted a praying mantis at the Library

I read Judy Moody Saves the World

Raised Butterflies

We raised 3 Painted Lady butterflies from caterpillar to butterfly. It took about 7 days for the caterpillars to turn into chrysalid then emerge at butterflies. We fed them oranges, watermelon, and sugar water on carnations. Our butterflies were beautiful.

Went for a hike in Kensington MetroPark

My mom and I went for a hike around Wild Wing Lake. We saw a lot of wildlife.

Went camping at the Canton Family Campout

My family and I camped at the Canton Family Campout. We went kayaking, roasted smores, watched Smurfs under the stars, and had pancakes for breakfast.