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Geek Out

I read Robopocalypse

Filmed part of a concert

I was at DTE Energy Music Theatre at the Def Leppard/Poison concert. I filmed a portion of them singing "Two Steps Behind."

Watched the Walking Dead Season 3 Preview weekend!

Traditional Folk Dance

On Monday, July 9 from 7:00-8:00 PM, Jim McKinney of the Golden Griffon Stringtet will instruct us on and "call out" a litany of traditional folk dances. This lively, energetic and very fun program harks back to a different time when do-si-dos and sashays were the hot new thing. Costumes optional. Come join the fun!

[Austen folk dancing by Michael R Perry is used under CC BY-SA 2.0]

read "Code Breaking"

taking Udacity courses

put legos together

I love to put together legos I do it 2 times about each month. I even have a shelf in my room that is full of legos that I put together!

Playing Mario Party 8

Now playing Mario Party 8 with friends! First time playing a Mario Party game since we got rid of our game cube. So much fun!

learned how to download Ebooks and Audio books

read the a book on puzzles

ears peirced

when you get your ears peirced you must wash them more then three times a day or they will get infected

i learned that elvis died on the toilet

i do not know why.......probaly drugs

i learned that mivhael jackson dies because he overdosed drugs ;(

ii guess his doctor gave him to much to take adn he died

i learned that michael jackson use to be black

micaheal jackson was black but then he got this special surgery to get white and yea....

Watched a FRONTLINE documentary about America's economy

I read a tumblebook

Dimples Delight by Wishinsky Frieda. It's a funny book.

I built a huge house out of k-nex a while ago!!!

I was bored so I made a huge house out of k-nex. It was kinda fun actually because I love art so I enjoy designing things. After I was done, my fingers hurt a little but it was worth it. Sadly, my fantastic creation shattered to the ground because my little brother smashed it but...whatever... Thats life, I guess... :)

Read "A Pointed Death"

I like mysteries and this was a good read. I would recommend it.

Build a HUGE Lego fortress with my buddies

I love Legos and this is the biggest thing I ever built, me and my friends had a blast