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Geek Out

I memorized copper plating

I did the Thorndyke poll

I voted for Curtains Up!!!!

Watched Star Trek Season 6 Disk 6

Starting Camp Nanowrmo

November is National writing month, but I usually can't write 50000 words for a story because of school. Now I'm starting the one in July, Camp Nano and have a great start of writing! It's going to be a lot of typing for the next month!

i did the thorndyke poll and i voted for time travel

Made a Poll

I made a poll to get suggestions for what badge I should earn next. Please help and vote!

Thorndyke Thoughts

Hey Kids,
I hope you are having as much fun earning badges for Connect Your Summer as I am. I've earned some by reading really good books, a couple more for doing some fun things here at the library, and few by coming up with some creative ideas all by myself. I'm sharing my badges so you can see all the things I've done. I love reading all the things that you have done to earn badges too. Keep up the great work!
I'm trying to decide what badge I should earn next, and I need your help. Find the poll and vote for what badge I should earn. If you do, you can claim Geek Out Badge. Thanks for your help. Bear Hugs,

Put a new song on my iPod

I am a geek

extra lives why video games matter

star wars head to head

Read The Homework Machine

I absolutely loved Thr Homework Machine. It's a funny realistic fiction story about some average kids.

Wrote a Review of Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry

Read "I've Got Your Number" by Sophie Kinsella

Chick lit, centered around a cell phone.

reading 'bout economics...

Posted a review of Luna on my Blog!

Watched Star Trek TNG Season 6 Disk 5

i played mario and sonic at the london 2012 games!

it was fun because u can actually play what real athletes what do in the real summer 2012 games, like fencing and swimming, 4 example

i played mario kart

it was really fun bcause u could race and shoot objects at other people

i read a tumble book