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Geek Out

read a book

I spy a treasure ship, and I also found them all.

Discovered a new way to search my picture files in Windows

I don't know whether to be pleased because it will be an awesome timesaver in the future or to feel stupid that I didn't realize it before now!

I read Captain Underpants and the Bionic Booger Boy

I like how a squirrel saved the two boys instead of Captain Underpants.

I watched over 30 episodes of H2O: Just Add Water

I Geek Big Fat Hen

Big fat hen by illustrated by Keith Baker — The counting, the rhymes, what's not to love?

i played mario power tennis

I played Golden eye

I played Super Smash Bros. Brawl

I played Wii Sports

Classified Rocks Using a Field Guide

Taking an Astronomy class this Summer

Learning about the universe, the stars, motion laws, significant people in the study of space and our Earth's history!

Read star wars charecter encyclopedia

read 2 books

books: super mario how nintendo conqured america the ultimate history of vidio games

i made a solar powered race car

i put together a solar powered car

Tried a new game for Wii

I tried a new game with Pokemon that has lots of reading - it was fun.

Read a bunch of DC Comics

I love comics!! It sort of runs in the family, and I just got a copy of Batman: Under the Red Hood from the library. It tells the story of Jason Todd (the second Robin). It was a great comic, and there are tons more at the library.

i read a book about hieroglyphics

Geek Out With eBooks

Reading an eBooks is an excellent way to earn your Geek Out Badge.  With hundreds of titles available in the Metro Net Online Lending Library you are sure to find something to download to your Nook, Kindle, iPad or other compatible device.  Once you finish your book, don't forget to log on and claim your badge!