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non fiction book

I read Polar Animals. I love the color white.

non fiction book

I read A BUTTERFLY GROWS by Stephen Swinburne. It's the same one at the library's. Everytime I went to the library. I just want to see how they are growing. I enjoy learning about butterflies!

Read space books all summer!

Read and saw video about learning to read and speak Spanish

i played wii play

Downloaded ebooks

I downloaded free Overdrive ebooks from the library to my Android phone. Ready for travel!

I plan on looking over my math sheets from last year to get ready for this year!!!

I plan on looking over my math sheets from last year to get ready for this year. Math is the most important or one of the most important subjects and it's going to get way harder for me. I'll be ready in september when school starts though. Don't be afraid to ask for help from your parents or teachers. Just try your best and I will... :)

I got a curling iron and a special comb!!!

I got a curling iron because I have been playing around with my moms and it kinda annoys her. I have straight hair but I want it to be curly! It's so hard to make perfect curls in my hair! Anyway, I got a comb so I could puff out my straight bangs or maybe turn them into side-swept bangs. I'll keep trying! I like to go on youtube and see how other girls style their hair. I'm a geeky person... :)

Got & played Ice Age Continental Drift WII gane

clifford cares

I figured out how to fill out my badges online all by myself!

Math online

The cat in the hat knows a lot about that!


The Olympic Sports

The book is about Gymnastic Events--The balance beam, floor, rings, team events. Now, I'm thinking to take a gym lesson. It will be cool.

read I spy books

Dinner and "My Trivia Live" at ROC with Brothers/Sisters-in Law

read a lego book

I read a lego book and played with them.

watched serenity

I hate that this movie ended so sadly. Why did they have to kill wash

read a lego book

NINJAGA Masters of Spinjitzu. There are more than 1000 reusable full color stickers. Cool!