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Geek Out

Attended a comuter class

Last week I observed a Microsoft Word Basics class at another library as part of an assignment for my summer class.  Now all I have to do is write the evaluation paper that goes with it :(  That's the hard part, but at least it'll keep me inside out of the heat.  How's that for a positive spin on homework!

Took a Sony Reader on vacation

I barrowed my mom's Sony Reader and took it with me up north for the weekend.  I learned that while I can read a book in the car reading from a tablet upsets my stomach :(

read about Geography

Antarctica by Allan Fowler.

Used MeLCat to borrow books from other libraries in Michigan

We went to water park the very 1st ime.

Attended a webinar on Project Management

I learned that understanding cultures of diverse teams is critical to success in the completion of a project

i watched a show that asks geeky questions[jeaprody]

there are three geeks answering hard questions for money

i did h.w in summer

i do h.w everyday school and summer. it helps me get smarter.

i did h.w in summer

i do h.w everyday school and summer. it helps me get smarter.

i played my 3 ds

i played this new app called note writer or something.i drew alot of things

I started to read chapter book called "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"!

read books on the nook

read Dora on mom's nook

read a book

The Olympic Sports--Cycling, Shooting, and Showjumping.

Added my recent scrapbooking projects to my online gallery

read a book

Olympic Ice Skating. I like to go ice skate during the fall and the winter time. I took a private lesson.

read a book

The Olympic Games by Stephen Currie.

Got a new digital camera

I'm learning how to take, store and share beautiful new photos.


Black Out! Animals That Liv in the Dark by Ginjer L. Clarke.

an I can read book