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Geek Out

watched The Ides of March

The performances were good and the story was okay.

Saw "The Dark Knight Rises" in IMAX!

The final film of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. Let's just say, the epicness cannot be stopped or topped!

i read the book Geek Chic

it's kind of like a geeky fashion book

"Medical Terminology Demystified"

read about finance

Habe "Der Zahlenteufel" auf Deutsch gelesen

Now, if you know German, you know what I wrote, if not..........I read The Number Devil in the original German. Now, if you think math concepts are hard to comprehend in your native language, try getting a grasp on them when reading about them in a foreign language.

Listened to a new album

I checked out Alice Cooper's Welcome 2 My Nightmare. I like it, and he still rocks it out, but this album is definitely more mellow than his old classics are.

Added 2 new titles to my Nook

Took a pic of my shadow taking a pic of me!

Read a book: Invention

It's a wonderful book about discoveries and invention.

I watched the news!!!

Yes, I am a geek. I have to admit it because sometimes I like to watch the news. My mom turns the news channel on very often so I hear many little stories that come on. I like to know what goes on in Michigan. People commit many crimes and I feel more aware of my surroundings, even though I'm only in Middle School. Geeks rule! :)

I made soup..

I read one book regarding soup and I made vegetable soup by myself.

I played Mario Power Tennis

I played Wii Play

I read The Magic School Bus

I learned somes new earth science words from INSIDE THE EARTH.

Drove a remote control vehicle at Maker Faire

I drove a remote control vehicle at the Robotics exhibit at Maker Faire. Now I really want to be in the First Tech Challenge.

stopped in to the Lego program

I stopped in to see how the Lego program was going and was totally geeked to see a bunch of people having a great time making Lego creations. I was also really geeked to see other folks there to admire the quilt show who were also admiring the Lego creations. It was a neat gathering of people who might not get together on purpose.

read a non fiction book

Food Allergies by Jason Glaser.

I went to a hula dancing competition

i did an hour of ixl