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Geek Out

Read The Silent Stars Go By

The Silent Stars Go By is a Doctor Who novel in which The Doctor visits a planet in the distant future which humans are trying to terraform to be more like Earth, but their terraforming machines have been sabotaged by alien invaders who are trying not to be discovered.

shoed my sister how to use a d.s.

Bought Zoo tickets online

It was so easy and convenient to buy my zoo tickets online!

Downloaded several eBooks from the library to my Nook to take on vacation

A pile a eBooks is perfect for vacation and as light as my Nook!

Got Mythbusers from the library and wached it

Belive it or not, but on a slope, a toy car can beat a race car

I read how to make your kid a genius.

Talk, read praise be curious and seize teachable moments.

I read weird but true from #1 to #4

I read The New Childrens Encyclopedia

Read a Tumble Book: I miss Franklin P. Schuckles

played chutes & ladder

Read about CPL reader

Subscribed to CPL ON UTUBE

Went to go and see The Avengers on Father's Day.

I definitely geeked out because Joss Whedon wrote and directed the movie! How awesome is he to make the highest grossing movie at this time?

Used Final Cut Pro to Edit Movies

I read a Tumble Book.

read a book on rocks

did a little extra summer weork

listened to an ebook

played chess

watched a sci fi flick