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Geek Out

asked an another queston

asked a questionn

cleaned out my computre

Clenaed my computre

Do projects with Geek Dad book

I listened/read two books on CD and read a book on my mom's ipad.

I finished a new task at work today.

I had to call for help but instead of having someone else do it I got thru it.

I read a book about a computer game cheats!

I read a book about bloggers

Everything Kids Witches and Wizards Book By: L.T Samuels

A very interesting book about a magic, witches, wizards, wishes , frogs, spells, and much more!

finish Phineas & Ferb Wii game

read a comic

Greek Gods And Heroes By: Robert Graves

A book about the legends of Greek gods and heroes.

I downloaded songs onto my I pod

It is much easier to clip on your iPod and listen to music then carry around CD players.


After read a book--THE ARTIST WHO PAINTED A BLUE HOUSE. I drew one too.

started planning a new project

I geeked out by using graph paper to design my project and by making a bunch of calculations necessary to determine how much I'll need in terms of materials.

Learned about u Torrent

and with my friend Barb as my guide, used it to find a few new tunes for my ipod.

I read an article about the gas prices and why we may see gas less then $3 a gallon.

i wached a vidio on the computer

i read weired but true