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Geek Out

doing school work

i read the book The Homework Machine

the book is really good and i like it.

i get on the computer

i have been reading a ton of books. and i mean a ton


I read a lot of Garfield books. A LOT.

I got an e-mail and went on it whenever i had the chance

love going on the computer

i am a computer geek! geek out!

love exploring stuff that is on the computer


I read along with a tumble book--Goldfish Don't Take Bubble Baths.


Lemon the Duck by Backman Laura.

reasearched on fish

Run/Design/Blog a book review website

I am the creator/writer of the book review blog Unabridged Andra's ( On the site I host giveaways, interview authors, and most importantly review books! I typically stick to young adult books, but try to get my adult books in here and there and sometimes even middle grade fiction! I also love to showcase Independant or "Indie" authors because they can write some kick-butt books as well! I don't need library challenges to be a non-stop reader. Though I've been a bookworm since middle school (I've got the trophy from the 4th grade read-a-thon to prove it), I've been reviewing books generally having a bookish blast for about a year no. Recently have also agreed to become a tour hosting partner with several publishing companies, and tour hosts: Kismet publishing, Goddess Fish Productions, and Dark Minded Blog Tours. What is a blog tour do you say?

I read Z.Rex, a book about a dinosaur in a modern day Arizona

this book is awesome because of all the cool new types of video games and the big dinosaur that the scientists created

i read a book about tech-savvy agents

these kid agents try to save the world but are always running into porblmes along the way. this book is called NERDS

played Wii Tennis and Golf

Read "Let's Pretend This Never Happened" by blogger Jenny Lawson

Bloggers are starting to transition to book writers and here's a good example. Pretty darn funny and hysterically inappropriate.

I read The Alchemyst by Michael Scott on my iPod

The alchemyst by Michael Scott

practicing calligraphy

got so bored that i began reading a textbook

played checkkers with my mom