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Geek Out

I played on the computer!!!

There is this one computer game that I think is so fun and I try to play it at least once a day. Don't worry, i'm not addicted to it and I don't play it for too long. I mostly play it in the morning right when I wake up and I want to just relax and get ready for the day. Everybody is a little geeky, right? :)

DIA Free Admission for Canton Residents

Now in its third year, Inside|Out brings reproductions of great treasures from the Detroit Institute of Arts into the community.  After discovering these pieces around Canton, visit the real thing at the DIA on July 15 when Canton residents receive free museum admission. Present your driver’s license or state ID and receive four complimentary general admissions to the Detroit Institute of Arts. Does not include admission to special exhibitions.

Watched Star Trek The Next Generation Season 6 Disk 3

found new game site

Read Guinness World Records to the Extreme

My sister shared all the cool things that she liked from this book with me!

Read Guinness World Records to the Extreme

I LOVED this book! So many cool and creepy things!

read about us government

Learning how to use an ipad

Read Talking Back to Facebook

By the editiors of one of my favorite sites - Commensense Media. Provides parenting advice related to developmental stages of children and their readiness for different levels of social media.

I read the book how do you spell geek.

the book is about three best friends who competed on the spelling bee contest.

I went to the paper airplanes program at the library.

I had a lot of fun! We made the classic paper airplane and the Marlin paper airplane. We flew our planes in the paper plane contest. Later, we got to see a jet engine that starts the helicopter's propeller.

Fixed my parents electronics

fixed a camera, gps, and laptop battery

air plane program

attending library program

We made two Paper Airplanes and saw the Jet Engines. It's so cool!

Paper Airplane Making

read about the Dewey Decimal System

Watched Star Trek The Next Generation Season 6 Disks 1 and 2

I've never seen the entire series of Star Trek. After I watched the movie (released in 2009) i've become obsessed...I've gotten this far with the series...9 seasons down...about 14 more to go! lol

Read Fat Vampire by Adam Rex

This quirky book is full of the most nerd-tastic things ever. Not only does it take place in part at Comic Con San Diego, but it deals with comics, chess club, drama geeks, and is about a fat vampire...can't get much geekier than that!